A clock striking 13 is said to be a portent for all manner of bad luck, strangeness and evils…
It has been referenced in literature by the likes of George Orwell and Thomas Hardy. Despite the fact it is rather more likely to denote a fault in the clock, in most cultures it stands for something, and it’s not usually very good!

Lion statue in Trafalgar Square

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London is certainly no exception. It is said by some that if Big Ben is heard to strike 13, the gigantic lions of Trafalgar Square will come to life, presumably in scenes not too dissimilar to Ghostbusters.
Brace yourself!
Now that would be a sight, as the four huge beasts at the foot of Nelson’s column take living form and presumably don’t lie around waiting to be petted.

So if you ever hear the mighty Big Ben chime 13, brace yourself for some otherwordly events involving massive bronze Kings of the Jungle. Either that, or you just miscounted…