Jimi Hendrix is an American rock icon, but it was actually the UK and London in particular that set him on his way to guitar god status. Not only that but it was also in his adopted city that he made a an massive impact on the avian world. Or so some think…

Jimi Hendrix
Source HighTimes
It is thought that there are around 60,000 breeding pairs of brightly coloured chirping parakeets happily dwelling in many of London’s great parks. And legend has it that the very first two were released by the great guitar shredder in Carnaby Street in the late 1960’s.

Hendrix was a resident of Brook Street, Mayfair at the time. And has been photographed with a rose-ringed parakeet sitting on his shoulder while he blows a cloud of smoke in its face. Presumably this bird would not have been fit enough to fly far and may well have settled and bred in the British capital.