The medieval jousting lance has been responsible for a lot more that running through galloping knights. Bizarre as it might seem, it is the reason why we drive on the left hand side of the road in the UK.
And it all makes so much sense!

Jousting Illustration

Source: Shutterstock

London’s Cheapside area was ‘jousting central’ back in the Middle Ages, and it was the place to be for sporting thrills and spills. As most of those taking part were right handed, they used their right hand to hold the lance, shield in the left hand and then charged, passing each other on the left.

Hence the UK, and numerous countries that the UK has influenced in such things, drive on the left and our steering wheel is on the right.

Things are different in Europe!
Things are different in Europe however where Emperor Napoleon, who was a contrary sort as well as monumentally powerful, was left handed. It was he who developed the ‘modern’ road system across Europe and his left-handedness ensured that drivers traveled on the right.

So the steering wheel is directly descended from the jousting lance. Just don’t get any ideas,  no ‘fair maiden’ will be won through lunatic driving!