Some things sink so far into ‘accepted wisdom’ and public consciousness that no amount of correcting seems to alter the path of ignorance, but we do what we can…
For a start, you cannot see the Great Wall of China from space. Lets get that one out of the way immediately. And neither was Walt Disney cryogenically frozen – in fact he was cremated!
It is not 6 feet away from you
And here’s another – when in London you are NOT always 6ft away from a rat! Not even close in fact.
Don’t worry about it!
Great minds, who could presumably have been doing something far more weighty, have sort to kill off this myth by measuring rat populations, densities, human population, physical space, applying all manner of calculus and equation, and we can tell you that the average space between you and a rat in London is 164ft (50m).

So don’t worry about it!