Hay’s Galleria sits between London Bridge Station and the River Thames and its importance in the area dates back to the mid 1600’s.

Alexander Hay took over the lease on a brewhouse and his business empire flourished where tea clippers had propelled global trade.

The family gave its name to the wharf and notably cold storage was pioneered there, completely revolutionising the way food could be contained and preserved.

Inside Hay’s Galleria

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In the 1980’s significant development work was undertaken and the main dock was filled in and covered with an impressive glass roof,  underneath which can be found a stunning 60ft sculpture by David Kemp called The Navigators.
Stores, restaurants, craft stalls, bars and independent shops!
The area is now made up of stores, restaurants, craft stalls, bars and independent shops. There is also an all-year-round Christmas shop which you will either find magical or, for 11 months of the year, it will do your head in.

Concerts during the summer and over Christmas add to the ambiance and there are the most spacious and airy places to sit and look out across the Thames including, just a short way down, a great view of the magnificent WWII battleship HMS Belfast which is permanently moored just metres away.