It is said that a successful life is dependent on being able to spot the right signs. OK, maybe not shop signs, but until the metaphysics and divine interventions kick in, these will certainly pass the time…

A locust sign on Lombard Street.

Stock Photograph

The hanging signs of Lombard Street in the City of London are a glorious throwback to 17th  & 18th century signage. The stunning wrought iron signs survive in their original polished gilt glory and can be spotted from Birchin Lane to St. Mary Woolnoth’s.

Look out for the unicorn!

Look out for the ‘cat-a-fiddling’, golden grasshopper, Adam & Eve, a unicorn, a spotted cat, a bugle… Each means something to do with trade and is assigned to the appropriate shop.

For the reluctant shopper dutifully tagging along, this might at least provide welcome distraction!