There happens to be much more to Baker Street than Sherlock Holmes and the classic Gerry Rafferty song. 

Of course Holmes’ 221B Baker St. is one of the most famous addresses in the world, but he has had many well-known neighbours including William Pitt the Younger (who became Prime Minister at the age of 24), H.G Wells, the explorer Sir Richard Burton, Dusty Springfield and Madame Tussaud opened her famous waxwork museum here originally. And in 1967 The Beatles opened their Apple Boutique on Baker Street. 

And it should not be forgotten that cartoon character Dangermouse lived in a red letter box on Baker Street! 

Baker Street Station. Date: circa 1870

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As for 221B Baker Street…it never really existed! It was chosen by Conan Doyle for that reason, but it never prevented people from visiting and writing to the address. 

221B Baker Street never really existed!

From 1932 Abbey National occupied the block covering 219-229 and therefore received all post addressed to Sherlock Holes 221B. The number of letters was so vast that they ended up employing a full-time secretary whose sole job was to send replies!

Buildings have now been renumbered to allow the Sherlock Holmes museum to stand at 221B.