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Chess Boxing

A sport in which two competitors alternately cerebrally tax each other's brains one moment and then physically beat each other's brains out the next… Senses reeling and heart pounding after a round of pugilistic pummeling, it’s time to gather thoughts, sit quietly and marshal chess pieces. It sounds like the stuff of Monty Python. But this is a reality!


Amy Winehouse Statue

Amy Winehouse represented so much that is messed up about contemporary life, music and media. Her life was short, messy and her artistic output relatively small - two studio albums, one live album. It was a life played out to its sadly inevitable premature conclusion and was documented all the way downhill by a voracious tabloid media.

amy winehouse

Itchycoo Park

This is one for the serious music fans…

In 1967 The Small Faces broke new ground when they wrote Itchycoo Park. This psychedelic pop/rock track was a huge hit single in the UK and USA and took what had previously been a Mod band into new pioneering territory.

itchycoo park london