Put simply, London IS history!

With its Incomplete History of Secrets, London Exposed unlocks well over 1,000 years of world defining historical places, historical moments and historic people. Even the most unlikely looking London street offers a portal back to remarkable historical times. Vintage photographs give a view of past eras and captivating information will guide you to places and characters who may or may not have made the history books – but all are fascinating!

Apothecaries’ Hall

Apothecaries are the ancient forerunners of modern pharmacists and, as such, generally held alongside witch doctors, voodoo high priests and snake oil salesmen in the pantheon of medicine.

A Wave of Beer

We don’t get a say in how we ‘meet our maker’ but if we did, people in London’s Fitzrovia did so in the most spectacular fashion. Oliver Reed and Keith Moon would have doffed their hats to them. They literally drowned in a tidal wave of beer!

wave of beer

Polar Bear Fishing in The Thames

In this era of climate change, of melting ice caps, vast chunks of icy continents drifting into new territories and stranded polar bears, you’d still doubt London has ever seen a giant white arctic mammal fishing in the River Thames. Or has it?

bear london

John Snow’s Water Pump

The expression ‘to get a handle on something’ has perhaps never had a more literal example. Long long before the Game of Thrones character or the England fast bowler, there was another John Snow, and this one probably saved many lives.

john snow water pump

A Tiger in the East End

A child and his cute, playful, tame tiger, or an innocent little boy about to have his head swiped clean off his shoulders? One view is the stuff of children’s fantasy books, the other of lifelong nightmares.

jamrach's tiger

Origin of the Name London

London. It’s one of the most famous names in the world. And in terms of cities it is arguably the most famous - though I expect Paris, Rome, New York would have something to say about that… But where did the name come from? Why ‘London’?

london's name

Cleopatra’s Needle

Cleopatra’s Needle - so called because it is not Cleopatra’s and it is not a needle, but when did such details matter?

cleopatra's needle london

More than Picadilly Circus

The circus has evolved over many years and captivated generation after generation. And the home of the ‘modern’ circus is not China or Russia, but London, England…

picadilly circus