Urban Legends are common all over the planet…

…but as possibly the world’s greatest urban environment, you can bet London is full of them! Let London Exposed unveil many of the great, bizarre and shocking tales of the city and you decide if you believe them to be myth, legend or something closer to the truth.

London underground corpses line

Staring at some workday train travellers you might be forgiven for thinking that corpse trains are nothing new, in fact, they describe quite a number of early morning and late night journeys I have been on.


Sewer Pigs of London

Long before trashy B-movies about alligators in sewers, shark invasions, rampaging killer sheep, and killer garden slugs (yes, they have all been made), there was a very real fear in London of subterranean farming livestock ready to unleash hell on the city dwellers.

Lions, Beers & Protests

When you look at the magnificent bronze lions sitting at the foot of Nelson’s Column in Trafalgar Square you see powerful, dignified, graceful beasts. Each one is 11ft high, 20ft long and 7 tons of poised feline power.

lions of trafalgar square

Jimi Hendrix and London’s Parrots

Jimi Hendrix is an American rock icon, but it was actually the UK and London in particular that set him on his way to guitar god status. Not only that but it was also in his adopted city that he made a massive impact on the avian world. Or so some think…

jimi hendrix

Big Ben Striking 13

A clock striking 13 is said to be a portent for all manner of bad luck, strangeness and evils… It has been referenced in literature by the likes of George Orwell and Thomas Hardy. Despite the fact it is rather more likely to denote a fault in the clock, in most cultures it stands for something, and it’s not usually very good!

big ben london

Buying London Bridge

We’ve all done it… A few drinks in the afternoon then a trip to the shops, we buy things we shouldn’t, we overspend. And depending on how much time we’ve spent in the pub, it might only be the next morning that we find out what we now own and wonder what on earth we have done.

london bridge old

A Safe Distance – Rat Myth

Some things sink so far into ‘accepted wisdom’ and public consciousness that no amount of correcting seems to alter the path of ignorance, but we do what we can… For a start, you cannot see the Great Wall of China from space. Let's get that one out of the way immediately. And neither was Walt Disney cryogenically frozen – in fact, he was cremated!

rat myth