Buck Fizz – champagne and orange juice – tends to divide people. To some it is needless and unwelcome fruit interference in the finest of wine drinks, to others it’s a gloriously fresh drink that can even be taken at breakfast on special occasions without making the drinker look like a total lush.

And the concoction is creeping towards the 100th anniversary of its London birth.

Buck’s Fizz

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Bucks Fizz was reputedly created by Pat McGarry in 1921. He was a bartender at the private members Buck’s Club, 18 Clifford Street, Mayfair.

The idea behind it was simple – it allowed patrons to start drinking early!

It is said that the true contents of a Bucks Fizz involve more than champagne and orange juice, but its secret remains with Bucks’ Club bar staff.

Buck’s Club was not just the birthplace of Bucks Fizz… It is also believed to be the inspiration for P.G. Wodehouse’s Drones Club – a gentlemens’ club of glorious pompousness, escapade and incident, frequented by Bertie Wooster.

Buck’s Club. 18 Clifford Street, London, United Kingdom, SW1

Source: Wikipedia